Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Free Access to Digital Citizenship Curriculum for Educators

I am so excited to open my work email and find out that Common Sense Media and Nearpod are offering FREE access to their Digital Citizenship Curriculum for all levels. This is awesome! I was lucky to be offered the lessons on my Nearpod school account this past school year. I have looked at some of the lessons and they are multimedia rich. The curriculum includes several group and self paced activities, discussions, videos, mini quizzes, vocabulary definitions, etc. As my recent research in digital citizenship states, there cannot be an effective technology integration approach without teaching about the safe, ethical, and legal use of electronic devices.

Not sure when is the last day to sign up for the free curriculum on Nearpod. Users are required to sign up with a school account. I recently updated this post and found out that teachers might get the Nearpod Digital Citizenship Curriculum by filling out a form on this website K12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum 75+ Interactive Lessons. 

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