Saturday, February 27, 2016

Digital Citizenship Mini Lessons

Unfortunately there are not too many stand alone interactive digital citizenship activities for teens. Most of the digital programs for teens involve lots of reading, several discussions that require the teacher to be a moderator, and the use of a considerable amount of instructional time to complete.
There are many barriers to helping students become good digital citizens as curricular content in other subject areas occupies most of the learning time available in classroom settings.

One of the purposes of this digital citizenship blog is to utilize open sources to create some units that can help students independently learn the digital citizenship concepts that most technology use in classroom settings. The units are short and include visually appealing materials with interactive activities to get teens engaged in the process of learning about digital citizenship.

Click on the different digital citizenship tabs to learn about that concept.

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  1. Hi Daniel, thanks for bookmarking my website. It is work in progress as you can see. I definitely see the need for digital citizenship curriculum in school settings.